How we Do Business

Listed below are some bullet points which explain how we “do business”. Our aim is to give Lodge owners much needed protection in an industry which quite often provides little or none!!

Plots –  These are offered on secure 125 year leases. There are numerous advantages with this arrangement when compared to “site licences” – here are just a few:

Security of tenure – in the same way that you might buy a leasehold house or flat, our lease provides the leaseholder with a legal right to ownership. In the case of Cartmel Park, purchasers are actually buying their own piece of Cartmel.

Ownership – as the legal owner of your plot of land, you are free to either pass on your asset to family or sell at a future date.

Control over Service Charges – our annual site fees for 2016 start from  £2,900.00 . It is written into every lease that this can’t increase any more than the retail Price Index each year.

No Sub-letting – we don’t allow commercial rental in any way. In our view, this protects the nature and atmosphere of Cartmel Park.

Open space policy – we believe that Cartmel Park is one of the most (if not the most!!) idyllic sites in the UK … and we want it to stay that way. By way of example, the grassed area in the middle of the caravans is covenanted to ensure it remains that way. Owners not only have our word, but also a legal document which protects that space.

Protection against change in park ownership – Cartmel Park is a family run business and we have no intention of selling the business. However, in the event that we did, any new owner would be legally obliged to respect the lease, together with any conditions. For example, any new owners would only be able to increase the annual site fees by RPI as a maximum.

Legal Protection – we insist that any lease is executed by a solicitor of your choice. This ensures that you receive comprehensive legal advice, and that your lease is correctly registered at the Land Registry.

Leaseholders benefit from a 52 week season (holiday use only)

Lodges are built to a far greater standard than caravans – as a result they can be used all year round.

A lodge should retain its value and our experience confirms values have increased.  If you have experience of buying and selling caravans, you’ll know that caravans do quite the opposite … often worth a fraction of their purchase price a week or so after being sited!!

2016 August – lodge prices

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